There are a few things you should know about how we handle the two stages of applications.

Application process

First of all you need to make sure that your idea fits with the requirements of the foundation. The secretary of the board sorts out all LOIs/initial applications that are not in line with the trusts deed, and these end up in the bin. You will, however, receive an offical message saying that your project proposal has not been approved. We are now left with a pile of relevant LOIs/initial applications. Hopefully, one of them is yours.

Request for a full application

The board only meets six to seven times a year, which means it may take several months from we have received the LOI/initial application till the board makes its decision. At the first possible board meeting the LOIs/intial applications received from the electronic application form will be reviewed. If your LOI attracts the board`s attention, you will then be asked to send us a full application. In the letter with a request for a full application from the foundation there are questions that you have to answer, and you will also have to provide a letter of reference. You will also be asked for a budget for the proposed project. 

The decision by the board of directors

The board of directors carefully considers each proposal described in the full applications. Some are declined, some are approved. In the case of approval, you will then receive a grant letter, stating the conditions on which the grant is given. You have to return this grant letter with your signature, as a confirmation that your organisation has agreed to the conditions for the grant. 

Immediately after the board meeting, all applicants are informed. We usually do not justify our decisions.