The board reviews applications, allocates grants and are responsible for carrying out the terms of the deed as laid out by Mr. Peter Opsvik and his family.

Board of trustees

Chair of the Board

Christian Bjørnæs

Mr. Christian Bjørnæs is Communications Director at  Center for International Climate and Environment Research Oslo - Cicero. He has been a senior information advisor in the same organisation since 2007. He is the author of two books on climate science and has written numerous articles and reports on climate change, its impacts and their policy implications. He has advised policymakers on climate change mitigation and adaptation strategies, has organized myriad seminars and conferences bringing together scientists and decision makers and is himself a frequently used public speaker. Bjørnæs has a background in journalism and holds an MA in International Journalism from Cardiff University. He has served on the board since 2011.

Members of the board

Tor Opsvik
Mr. Tor Opsvik has a PhD degree, with a thesis in History at the University of Santiago de Chile. He holds a Masters degree in Sociology and a Bachelor's degree in Chemistry. He has been an advisor at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigrationworks. Currently, he works as a teacher in Latin American Studies at the University of Oslo, Norway. 

Linnéa Svensson

Linnéa Svensson is the executive director of the Greener Events Foundation which works with sporting and cultural events to achieve change in peoples awareness and actions when it comes to triple bottom-line, sustainability and business development. Linnéa has worked with sponsoring and sustainability for ten years with the Norwegian Oya Festival - winning several awards for it's environmental and sustainability work as well as publishing a handbook book about organizing sustainable outdoor events. Linnéa was a part of the group initiating  the Green Operations Europe an independent, pan European and cross industry think-tank to inspire people in the music festival and events industry to run their operations greener and smarter. Linnéa has a cand.mag. from the University of Oslo and the Norwegian School of Marketing with a major in Social Anthropology.


Elisabeth Lannoo


Ms Elisabeth Lannoo has become a climate expert through her work for the European Commission’s climate action department, where she worked as a speech writer for the European Commissioner and as a press and communications officer. She took part in international climate negotiations and also ran a pan-European campaign on solutions to climate change. Elisabeth is working as a news journalist for Belgian public radio.

She has also worked in the European department of the Belgian Ministry of Agriculture and as a consultant for a major communication company. Currently she is working as an information advisor in the Communications Department at  Center for International Climate and Environment Research Oslo - Cicero.

Bård Lahn

Bård Lahn is senior adviser on international climate policy in Rainforest Foundation Norway. He has a long history of climate policy work for Norwegian NGOs and international NGO networks, in particular in the field of UN climate negotiations, and has written extensively on international climate policy, climate science and equity. Lahn has previously served on the boards of the Norwegian Development Fund, the Sophie Prize, and Friends of the Earth Norway, among others. He holds a BA in sociology from the University of Oslo. Lahn is currently working on his Masters thesis in Sociology at the University of Oslo, Norway.