The project involved ascertaining attitudes of Chinese people toward environmental issues, particularly global warming/climate change and associated energy usage, with the aim of mitigating associated behaviour that contributes to global warming and, in turn, climate change.

Environmental Attitudes in China and Future Climate Change

Research papers
Two research papers were published in refereed journals: "Environmental Perspectives and Behavior in China: Synopsis and Bibliography" and "Green or Brown? Environmental Attitudes and Priorities in China", both by Paul G. Harris an Associate Professor at Lingnan University in Hong Kong.

Working paper
A report by Harris that brings together much of the material and ideas in the research papers just described was published by Lingnan University's Centre for Asian Pacific Studies "Chinese Environmental Attitudes and Climate Change: Survey Findings on Precursors of China's Domestic and International Policies on Global Warming".

Two presentations drawing from this research were given to audiences in Hong Kong: "China and Climate Change," a presentation to the Semester at Sea Program aboard S.S. Universe Explorer, 2 April 2004 and "Environmental Attitudes and Values in China," a presentation to the Centre of Urban Planning and Environmental Management, University of Hong Kong on 31 March 2004.

A presentation that used some of the work from this project was "Environmental Values in a Globalizing World: The Case of China," presented at the Workshop on Reconceiving Environmental Values in a Globalizing World, Oxford Centre for the Environment, Ethics and Society, Mansfield College, Oxford, England,

Perhaps the most important product has been the creation of a Website on "Global Warming and Environmental Values in China"