Chilling Facts - a report about refrigeration in supermarkets in the UK. HFC is a very strong greenhouse gas, which contributes significantly to man-made climate change. A change to HFC-free refrigeration contributes to reduced man-made emissions.

Chilling Facts

Our foundation supported a project by EIA called Chilling Facts about refrigeration in supermarkets in the UK in 2010. HFC is a very strong greenhouse gas - GHG - which contributes significantly to the man-made climate change.The gas escapes to the atmosphere through leaks in refrigeration systems, and becames an environmental problem.

The organisation EIA - Environmental Investigation Agency - launched a campaign in 2008 to make supermarkets in the UK change to HFC-free refrigeration.  EIA has published several yearly reports since then about the use of HFC as a coolant in supermarket freezers and refrigeration units.The latest report from 2012 has recently been published. In the report, EIA has widened the scope for its investigations to supermarkets elsewhere in Europe. Your can find a link to the latest report below:

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