Minor foundation helped funded the start up of Global Migrants for Climate Action, a new international climate change organisation.

Global Migrants for Climate Action

Global Migrants for Climate Action, an organization that engages immigrants in the climate cause has aroused international interest. The organisation started in Oslo, Norway and has now spread to France and Bulgaria. The organization received project funding for their project International Action for Climate Justice in 2008 and 2009. GMCA organised a joint event in Oslo on the global day of action at the climate negotiations in Poznan in Poland, December 2008. Appeals were held by the leaders of several trade unions. There was also a live video link with similar events held simultaneously in Poznan and Paris. GMCA secured Norwegian support for the climate campaign 10:10 from a number of trade unions, municipalities and individuals. This resulted in a special climate change section of the May parade in Oslo in 2009.

The website and
film clips on Youtube, seen by over 13,000 people, have been important tools in GMCA's work to spread knowledge about climate change internationally.

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