Campaign to stop oil extraction and limit CO2-emissions

Keep the oil the ground

The Norwegian environmental NGO Nature and Youth wants with this campaign to stimulate the resistance against oil extraction, because of the CO2-emissions when the oil is burnt. Another goal is to transfer our experience to partner organisations inRussia and  Nigeria.

The climate crisis demands that we allow the remaining reserves of fossil energy to remain in the ground.  In Norway the most important result will be to prevent oil drilling in the ocean outside the Lofoten and Vesterålen islands in Northern Norway. Nature and Youth is part of a larger network, Friends of the Earth, where we are one of the strongest youth organizations and with the most experience in working against oil drilling. Our partners in Russia and Nigeria are working with the same theme. We will work for greater cooperation with our partner organisations to ensure that they too can reach their goals. In common for our efforts, both in Norway and Russia and Nigeria, are the importance of showing young people how they can influence and determine political processes, and challenge the powerful business interests.


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