In connection with the International Polar Year and the World Environmental Day, the Nordic Youth Film Festival (NUFF) focused on the theme "climate changes".

NUFF Global

NUFF Global First Prize

The Fridge by Lucie Stamfestova (Cz. Republic)

THEfridge003The Fridge is an animated "Parable about planet Earth" - technically creative and very captivating. Operating on several levels, it achieves high standards in terms of visual presentation and story-telling. Story-telling is often at its best when it seems the most effortless. This is the case here. Through animation the audience is given the possibility to confront the horror and devastation of an overheated world. Carefree chickens stay in denial until they are fried to carbon. (And we know that also less carefree chickens might face the same bleak future.) The scariness of the film is carried by its wit and energy. This energy is also needed for action.

NUFF Global First Prize (12.000 NOK plus 20.000 NOK which will be put towards international distribution of the film. The film will also be shown at the UNFCCC 's Conference of the Parties in 2007):

NUFF Global Second Prize (10.000 NOK):

From the Camp by Ahmed Mashharawi (Palestine)

This is also a documentary film. It takes us to a well-known place: the strip of Gaza. The film bears witness to the fact that no matter how much people are prisoners of long-standing conflict and war, they still cannot ignore the realities of climate change - when these changes are literally at their doorsteps.

The documentary manages to set us directly in contact with the people affected. It definitely stands out by being not only very informative, but also by showing a very direct engagement - and the dead-end of neutrality in matters relating to the climate crisis.

NUFF Global Third Prize (8.000 NOK):

Faceless by Tunde Aboderin (Nigeria)

This film takes us to the city of Lagos which has 16 million inhabitants and is one of the large cities due to be flooded in the all-too-near future. The film is technically well-executed and keeps a professional documentary standard. The film shows us among other things parts of Lagos being flooded. If an equally big city in USA or Europe were to be flooded, we would of course have seen the pictures on CNN or BBC. But for Lagos it will not be the case, and we are thankful for getting this important information.

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