WMO is educating weather presenters in how to communicate climate change through their presentation of daily weather at TV. WMO is also providing tools and materials that assists the weather presenters in this task.

WMO - workshop for meteorologists

Convincing the general public and business and political leaders that climate change is an

immediate threat and that we must take urgent action is a major challenge. Climate change

can seem too remote, abstract, and overwhelming to most individuals. We therefore need

effective communicators who can convey how climate change will increasingly disrupt

people’s lives and those of generations to come. Climate change needs to feel more

immediate, visceral and personal if it is to compete with everyday concerns and inspire

people to become proactive and to contribute in specific ways to mitigation and adaptation.

Climate science explained by TV weather presenters can have this impact. Weather

presenters are natural communicators, have large and dedicated daily audiences, are

generally liked and respected, and know how to communicate about the weather extremes

through which people experience climate variability and climate change. They therefore have

the potential to become powerful climate change spokespersons and science educators.

WMO is committed to inspiring and assisting TV weather presenters to play this role by

providing them with practical tools and information and opportunities for training and


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