The goal of in Europe is to engage thousands of European citizens in our day of climate action on 24th October 2009. By mobilizing the general public for climate action, the campaign aims to influence European decision-makers and opinion leaders, and target international, national and local media.

Project granted in: 2009

Grant: 360.000 NOK

Our European team for the project will work throughout 2009 buildingmomentum towrds the October 24th day of action. We want a full range of iconic and creative actions across Europe. Through our efforts we will:

Build a network of 50,000 committed, informed supporters who understand thescientific necessity of 350 and how to take political action to secure a commitment for that goal from world leaders.  We will rely on these individuals to increase the sense of momentum throughout the year, attend October events, and lobby their heads of state in the lead-up to the Copenhagen negotiations. is a young, dynamic, global climate project that spreads the message of 350 parts per million CO2 in the atmosphere as the safe upper limit for humanity. We campaign online and offline to shift the climate debate towards 350 ppm in anticipation of the Copenhagen talks in December.  Throughout the year, we will engage citizens all around the world in grassroots based advocacy for a stronger global climate agreement, helping them organize creative actions and lobby their governments to raise the level of ambition for a bold and fair treaty. campaigning activities will peak on 24th October 2009 – our day of action.

Local actions, political engagement, and rolling collaborative projects all build towards this day, and from there we will directly push governments to do more in the UN negotiations. We will have snowboarders in the Alps and divers in the Bahamas with 350 banners, teenagers from Tokyo to London text messaging their friends,graffiti artists and professional musicians creating new art, and, most of all,millions of citizens worldwide taking one day to come together to demand strong action on climate change.

The project aims to shift the political debate as far as possible towards science-based targets by creating global public pressure for a 350 ppm target. There is scientific reality, and there is political reality, and many in government and civil society think that we must forget the science and accept political limitations of what we can do. We see the time before the Copenhagen talks as a short window of opportunity to demonstrate powerfully, all over the globe, that through civil society we can change what is politically possible and tackle the full scale of the global warming problem. operates worldwide with offices and local organizers on six continents. We run a website in 11 languages, and we are working with hundreds of partner organizations from all around the world. With these funds we will hire European staff who can communicate with every organizer on the continent.

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