How do receive your grant?


When the board has approved an application, the applicant organisation/person will receive a grant letter. This letter specifies the conditions for the grant. The applicant must sign the letter in order to receive the grant. With this signature, the grant letter becomes the agreement between the applicant and our foundation. Together with the signature, we also require information about the bank account that the money should be transferred to, as well as details about the auditor being used for the accounts.

After we have received the grant letter with the signature of the applicant, 90 % of the grant will be transferred to the project organizations account.  10 % will be withheld until the foundation has received and approved the project report and accounts.

The money may be transferred in one or several sums, depending on the size of the project, and other circumstances. In some cases the grant letter will specify that a progress report has to be approved by the board before the next transfer can take place. This will be specified in the grant letter.