The standard condition for the grant is that it is carried out according to the plan in the application, within the time schedule agreed upon with the foundation. The foundation also requires a grant and/or project report together with the accounts for the project. The separate accounts must be audited and certified by an authorized, independent auditor after your total accounts for the last year of the project has been audited.

The written report should have a description of the main results of the project, and specify to what extent the goals specified in the application have been reached. If some goals have not been reached, the foundation would like a short description of the reasons for this. The board of the foundation wants to learn as much as possible about what factors contributed to the success, and what problems became an obstacle for reaching the goals. This will contribute to making better projects in the future. Additional material such as pictures, videos, brochures etc are also welcome as part of the report. This material may be used on our website, we may also link the description of the project and the results to the web-site of the project organization.