We are going to start global warming in your hearts

Concerned Kittens

Nov 21, 2012

Andrius Kirvela and his team at PetPunk, Lithuania, is named as the winner of The Minor Foundation for Major Challenge's competition Communicating Climate Change Through Visuals.

The call that was announced in August 2011 said to create the best idea and storyboard illustrating the statement "Emissions from human fossile energy cause climate change".

The criteria demanded that the subissions to the competition must
• be suitable for a broad target group, meaning understandable to anybody with no knowledge about global warming
• be innovative/creative – triggering/motivating/engaging – surprising/humouristic
• differ from earlier published material pertaining to the issue
• be informative, i.e. the audience must be left with a sense of having learned something new, or seen a better explanation of something they already knew
• be correct according to science acknowledged by the UN (IPCC)
• be feasible, i.e. the proposal must be possible to realize within the given terms
• be the the participant's own original work
• be in English

Many contributions were submitted and a jury agreed that Andrius Kirvela and the creative teame at PetPunk, Lithuania submitted the best idea.

When submitting their idea to the competition, Andrius Kirvela and PetPunk pointed out that the main purpose of their submission would be to show people that their habits and behavior directly affects the climate change. "Nobody wants to hear a didactic moral or dry scientific facts, which are of course very important. But boring", Kirvela said in his submission letter. In stead he wanted to tell the story in a playful and smart way.

Kirvela also say: "In order to gain more attention to the problem, we turn to a theme and motives people like. Cats of all shape, colours and characters have occupied Youtube for almost ten years. Millions of people spend their precious time gazing at Keyboard cat and its famous sisters and brothers. One can like or feel sorry about this. Still, no one can deny the fact of the popularity of dancing, mewing cats or those simply looking into viewers eyes."

The final submission from Andrius Kirvela and PetPunk comprises three beautiful animations explaining:

Global warming and the amplified greenhouse effect caused by humans

The consequences of global warming

The sources of greenhouse gases and how our behaviour may increase og decrease greenhouse gas emissions

In addition to the main submission to the contest, Kirvela and colleagues have produced two short video clips based on two well-known YouTube successes; Keyboard Cat and Nyan Cat.

Minor Foundation encourages you to download, use, copy, share and remix the kittens. The files can found here.